Love at first gearshift, The Clio GT Line

A few months back, at the launch of the Renault Clio GT Line, I didn’t get an authentic feel of the whip because you drive it for a few 100 kms and you’re done, it’s only when you have it for a couple of days, do you really feel it and that’s exactly what happened with the Clio GT Line.


This whip is Renault saying here’s a sporty look and feel, without the price tag of the high performance sportier RS, if you are someone who likes a whip that looks good but isn’t really concerned about how fast it goes, then this the car for you


Don’t get me wrong, its not slow either, it has a turbo charged 88kW engine, so it pushes when you need it to, especially during Joburg traffic when you need to do those odd over taking and with a price tag of 264k, it’s a great buy and here is why.


If the GT Line was human, it would be a snob that went to the best private schools, enjoys coq au vin and only drinks Voss water, it drives like it has never had a problem in its life, which feels like heaven on smooth roads. Anyone who knows me, knows I love comfort and this car gives me so much of that, I think I’m falling for it, I might be catching feelings


I really love this car, it is really awesome on the long road, I traveled to the Vaal and I didn’t even feel the trip, one unfortunate aspect is that it is doesn’t like bumps very much, so you can really feel everything but you soon forget once you get back to the smooth sailing, it’s also a bit thirsty, the turbo might be the reason for that.


I must say, this has probably been the most difficult car to part with, I actually toyed with the thought of maybe trading my car in and getting this baby. What a car.




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