Audi’s S5 Coupe, a fun, frantic blast

Right after strenuous weeks of sleeping late at night, attending car launches and having to deal with Joburg’s depraved traffic, I was treated to a wonderful moment of my life when Audi SA dropped the new S5 Coupe at The Citizen’s offices for a week review.


The S5 slots below the crazy fast whip called the RS5 which its arrival in SA is still a mystery but I speculate we will get it before the year ends.

The big news here is the S5, you get 260kW and 500Nm provided by the 3.0litre V6 engine plus a Quattro system that drives all four wheels at the same time.

Power is accessed via an 8-speed Tiptronic transmission. I tell you what, the S5 has only space for four people and a huge boot space rated at 456-litres with the rear seats up (something that competitors suffer from).

The S5 (as tested) arrives with a sticker price of R1 160 020 which is a touch over its most obvious competitor – the marginally slower BMW 440i Coupe.


The good news, though, is that you’ll want for little, and can easily avoid Audi’s infamous options list. Expect 19-inch alloy wheels that display the bright red brake calipers, illuminated door sill trims, nappa leather sports seats that are heated in the front, and offer pneumatic bolster and lumbar support, plus carbon detailing in the interior.

Addictive. The power delivery from that S5’s V6 is rich and constant, and there’s useable urge lurking all over the rev range. The sprint from 0-100km/h is enticing enough, but it’s the way the car climbs from 90km/h, 100km/h or 110km/h when you plant your foot, a surging wave of power kicking you in the base of the spine as the S5 Coupe blasts you into the future.


The kind of car that pushes back the autonomous argument, the S5 Coupe is a fun and frantic blast from the behind the wheel. Addictively powerful, sharp to steer and with the kind of endless grip that turns a twisting road into your own personal amusement park, the S5 injects a ton of fun into back-country blasts.



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