The Kia Picanto


Say the word “Picanto” and people automatically know what you’re talking about, so when KIA launches the new facelift, Whipdt is definitely going to talk about it.

With 1.4 Million cars sold all over the world, this is KIA’s best selling car and the new one looks like such a naughty whip,  I really dig how the grill looks, those straight line that cut across the front, which KIA calls the Tiger grill.


The whip hit sales floors on the 14th of July, with two engine derivatives, a 1.0 and 1.2 Litre engine, with 3 specifications, the Street, Start and Style. KIA is really making its way to becoming the go to brand for cars, they’re doing well with design by pushing boundaries and that really resonates with people


The Street version comes with a few additions such as steering wheel mounted controls, remote central locking with an alarm and immobiliser. Style adds on projection foglights, daytime running lights, auto light control, rear window wiper. The top of the range Smart comes with bi-function projection headlights, LED daytime running light, two toned car seats, a 7-inch entertainment system with bluetooth, voice control this list goes on and on and on, I must say that KIA is really packing the punches for this new generation Picanto.


One of the great add ons is the maintenance package which is out of this world, a 5 year or Unlimited Kilometer Warranty as well as a 3 year or unlimited roadside assistance. Ultimately this is a great buy and come to think of it I’ve never heard anyone complain about a Picanto, unless you rush to a seemingly empty parking spot and boom you find the whip parking there.


Picanto 1.0 Start Manual – R134 995                     Picanto 1.2 Style Manual – R179 995

Picanto 1.0 Street Manual – R149 995                    Picanto 1.2 Start Manual  – R150 995

Picanto 1.0 Style Manual – R159 995                      Picanto 1.2 Start Auto – R163 995

Picanto 1.0 Style Auto – R172 995                            Picanto 1.2 Street Manual – R165 995

Picanto 1.0 Smart Manual – R179 995                     Picanto 1.2 Style Auto – R188 995

Picanto 1.2 Smart Manual – R195 995





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