No you can’t use my Mercedes Benz X-Class to move your things!!

The bakkie culture in South Africa is something worth noticing, with the Ford Ranger’s great sales, it truly shows that we love our bakkies and now that Mercedes Benz have officially joined the race for pick-up glory and @#$*^ it’s on.


Mercedes says this is the worlds first premium luxury pick-up truck and we here at Whipdt believe it, this whip brings an element that not a lot of other cars in the segment have, a luxury bakkie experience, with so many people buying bakkies but never seeing the light of off roading, this is their kind of  whip, so you better expect to get in line for the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class


I look at this whip and think to myself, would I want to do any off-Roading with it? Frankly, No, It would be like taking my favourite crispy white Jordans to a construction site, it is unheard of and if one of my dearest friends came to me and asked if I could help move their things from one apartment to the other with my X-Class, the answer would be a well rounded NO!! and not because it can’t do the job, I just wouldn’t want it to, I mean it’s a Merc.


If you are going to be doing some tough work, There are 2 derivatives of the X-Class, the more fun sporty Adventurer, which is more suited for the off roading tough work.


& The more luxury urban Explorer more up my ally.


The pricing for the car has not been revealed yet, however expect to not pay anything below the R700k mark because the price in Germany is sitting around $35k, these are the engine sizes to choose from.

X 200 – 122kW/238Nm
X 220 d – 120kW/403Nm
X 250 d – 140kW/450Nm
X 350 d – 190kW/550Nm

P.S Shout out to Wheels 24 for the pictures



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